Emergency Repair Call Out Service for NST Schools

This service manages out of hours emergencies to deal with emergencies you may encounter.

NCC Building Services Emergency Call Out Service 2022/23


Building Services operates an emergency call out service for schools. This service operates 24/7-365 days a year and provides access to facilities to manage out of hours emergencies e.g. vandalism, break-ins, flooding, burst pipes etc.

Standard Service Overview

Our Service will manage the unexpected, respond to your emergency within 1 hour, and make safe within 4 hours. Upon completion of the job, our team will provide a quotation for works where any additional repairs or items are required which could not be repaired at the time of making the site safe.

This service will give you access to

  • Qualified staff delivering to the appropriate standards across your sites
  • Technical support and assistance across all associated disciplines
  • Preliminary advice and quotations after the emergency
  • Single point of contact for all support requirements
  • Access to Internal DLO and multiple Framework Partner Contractors carefully selected through a fully compliant procurement process, that offers best value and service delivery

Examples of the support we can provide, include:

  • Escape of water e.g. burst pipe
  • Building fabric repairs e.g. break ins
  • Glazing e.g. smashed windows
  • Mechanical e.g. escape of gas
  • Electrical e.g. power outages

Service Level

  • Arrive at site within 1 hour
  • Make good or make safe with 4 hours

Key contacts for the Emergency Call Out service

FM Help Desk T: 0115 8764444 E: fmservicecentre@nottinghamcity.gov.uk