Advice and support around maximising usable space on your site, prioritising works and providing project management services to give your projects the best chance of success.

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Project Management Services – Major Projects

The Nottingham City Council’s Major Projects team has extensive experience in supporting schools with a range of building activities and projects, from fixing leaking roofs and replacing boilers to expanding existing buildings or building new schools to meet demand for places. Major Projects are a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team able to offer objective advice that can support you through projects large and small by providing independent and objective advice focused on educational outcomes.

Our Services include:

  • Independent reviews of your buildings and how effectively these meet educational need. This might include measuring and mapping of the school estate.
  • Support in strategic planning and prioritisation of schemes to maintain the condition of your buildings.
  • Evaluation of the use of buildings and site, acting as a critical friend by challenging the efficiency of spaces to ensure maximum efficiency and offering ideas to resolve issues. This might include identifying shortfalls of space to support bids for additional funding.
  • Support to manage new projects from start to finish; from articulating your needs, understanding procurement and contractual options and support through the construction process, managing the project within your constraints.
  • Bid development, including writing business cases, undertaking feasibility studies and submitting applications to apply for capital funding.

Benefits to schools:

  • Maximise the use and effectiveness of space across your school estate with limited funding to achieve value for money.
  • Strategically plan and prioritise works across the school estate with independent support, looking at the school environment holistically whilst taking into consideration guidance, regulations and best practice.

For more information and for discussion of services you require and their costs please see contact details below.


Rob Caswell

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Tel: 0115 876 3408

Sarah White


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