Manage all areas relating to first aid and medication through an online application to save time, centralise data, notify parents/ carers, safeguard students and adhere to relevant Department for Education guidelines- easily accessible through a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Below are just five of the main DfE guidelines relating to first aid and medication that Medical Tracker will help you manage:

Medication consent forms 

DfE: "no child under 16 should be given prescription or non-prescription medicines without their parent's written consent"

Recording medication use 

DfE: "record of all medicines administered to individual children, stating what, how and how much was administered, when and by whom"

Recording first aid incidents 

DfE: "Schools should keep a record of any first aid treatment given by first aiders and appointed persons"


DfE: "Accident statistics can indicate the most common injuries, times, locations and activities at a particular site. These can be a useful tool in risk assessment, highlighting areas to concentrate on and tailor first-aid provision to"

First aid qualifications 

DfE: "Schools should keep a record of first aiders and certification dates"

With all your first aid and medication in one place, Medical Tracker enables schools to improve efficiency by reducing paperwork, streamlining processes and automating reminders. With all the information for each student on one application it can help improve safeguarding and security for pupils, staff and visitors. 

We help safeguard over 60,000 students- here is what our schools have to say:

"It has enabled us to produce accurate reports to SLT and governors. It ensures the safeguarding of our students by recording accurate information about their medication needs, health plans and first aid incidents." Andrea Beckett, Data and Performance Manage, South Shields Community School

"We no longer have mountains of paperwork. Everyone has found the system easy to work with. Reports can be run- our Governors are very pleased with the system. We're more compliant with Health and Safety requirements." Lynda Jackson, Senior Administrator & Finance Manager, Hawthorn Tree Primary School

ESN has partnered with Medical Tracker and negotiated a 25% discount for all Nottingham City Schools and Academies off the first year's licence and 10% ongoing. 

Why not carry out a 30 day free trial of Medical Tracker to find out how it could be a beneficial addition to your school?

More information:

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