• e-Learning Service Overview

    The e-Learning Centre has been at the forefront of technology innovation in Nottingham for over 11 years. We have established an excellent reputation for improving standards and helping schools to secure value for money. We now provide services through Education Services Nottingham for over 50% of Nottingham schools.

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  • Our 5 Day package

    The five day package gives a school more flexibility and better value in pursuing their development objectives. As with the three day pack the time can be split up in any way that our capacity allows, and an initial meeting with e-mail and telephone support is included at no extra cost.

  • Our 3 day package

    This pack gives your school or service three days of consultancy time plus an initial planning meeting and e-mail / telephone support from a named consultant.

  • Our Consultant Placement Scheme

    The Consultant Placement Scheme has been adopted by a number of schools who are looking to add value and increase the impact on learning and teaching.

  • CPD Programme

    High quality training for teachers

  • Our loan kit service

    This service can save a school a considerable amount of money where specialised equipment is needed for a limited time during the year. Training can be provided at extra cost or as part of your three or five day packages.

  • E-safety Support packages

    This support pack is new for this year and has been developed using materials such as the Ofsted report 'Inspecting e-Safety' (Sep.2012), SWGFL '360 degree e-safe', Childnet resources and the NAACE SoW exemplar for e-safety.

  • Coding Consultancy Package

  • Raising Attainment with ICT

    Another new support pack this year which has been developed to help schools respond to the rapidly changing landscape of ICT. The original NC framework for ICT is now well out of date and it is more difficult for schools to show Ofsted that ICT is raising attainment.

  • Packages and Prices

    Charging structure summary for E-Learning Services 2016-17

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